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Page Harness Installation Guide | Six String Supplies

Page Harness Installation Guide

The SSS Premium® solderless Page harness is a direct fit for Gibson® Les Paul® models. It is fixed into a high quality printed circuit board. These dimensions are absolutely fixed, so it is essential you check your dimensions before purchasing if fitting into an Epiphone®.

Fitting Guide

Gibson® Les Paul® - direct fit. The kit ONLY comes with long shaft pots, so not suited to flat topped models.

Epiphone® Les Paul® - you must first check the dimensions outlined below to ensure they line up with your model. Then you also need to drill the holes to 10mm diameter to suit the larger shaft CTS pots.

Any other Les Paul® type guitar - does not fit.

Installation Guide

Installation is easy though can be fiddly - as always and with our standard handwired range of products, we would encourage you to take it to a qualified guitar tech to install on your behalf if you are not comfortable at changing the inside of your guitar. Six String Supplies Ltd can not and will not be held responsible for potential damage to the product or the guitar caused by the customer.


Below is the full control sheet for all possible 21 switching options.