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Les Paul Junior Wiring Diagram | Six String Supplies

Les Paul Junior Wiring Diagram

50s style wiring diagram for Gibson Les Paul Junior

Wiring diagram for the classic Gibson Les Paul/SG Junior - this setup uses 500k CTS pots, Gibson style braided guitar wire, a 0.022uf bumble bee capacitor and a Switchcraft USA jack. This diagram is based on our Les Paul Junior Wiring Kit.

The heat shrink rubber tubing provided protects the outer braid (ground circuit) of the wire to avoid it coming into contact with any live wire or shielding materials that may be used inside the guitar's control cavity and around the jack. This is also based on the 50s setup - although we include orange drop capacitors rather than the period correct bumble-bees.

In the modern version, the capacitor is connected to the same lug as the pickup and goes to the middle lug of the tone pot (just like the modern Les Paul wiring).

Refer to our guide on Les Paul Junior wiring.


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