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Six String Supplies — How to Install our Les Paul Harness

How to Install our Les Paul Harness

The above video demonstrates how to install our prewired Les Paul harness and prewired toggle switch. Despite being "prewired" there is still a little bit of soldering required to get everything up and running.

The guitar in this video is an Epiphone Les Paul that is having the electrics replaced: the full works - new pots, capacitors, switch, jack and pickups. The wiring harness is our short shaft pot version to suit Epiphone or other far eastern models (most brands except Gibson) whilst the switch is the Switchcraft short frame toggle switch.

You will need

- Les Paul wiring harness

- Prewired Switchcraft toggle switch

- Switchcraft 1/4'' jack socket

- 3.5mm dia heat shrink rubber tubing

- Wire cutters

- Soldering iron

- Heat resistant cloth (or even an old t-shirt) to protect the guitar's finish.