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UK handwound pickps House of Tone

It is no secret that the most important variables in electric guitar tone are the electronic elements - the components, the amplifier and course, perhaps most importantly, the pickups. A good quality pickup can quite literally transform a guitar and turn a good guitar into one you can't put down.

In line with our policy of only stocking quality, we have teamed up with House of Tone to offer a range of high end pickups which go hand in hand with our wiring kits. These boutique pickups are hand wound by one of the UK's most experienced and knowledgeable pickup winders.

We stock House of Tone pickups for Strat®, Tele® and the award winning and best selling "Tru PAF" humbucker set. These pickups are perfectly complimented by our prewired guitar kits and are the perfect way to give your guitar a new lease of life.

Handwound in their workshop in Chester, UK, House of Tone pickups have been delighting guitarists in recent years and have been featured and reviewed by various guitar magazines.