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Electric Guitar and Bass Capacitors - Orange Drop Capacitors, Paper in Oil Capacitors, Waxed Paper Capacitors.

Capacitors ("caps") have several uses in electric guitars, the most common of which is in the tone control, where it combines with the potentiometer to form a low-pass filter, shorting all frequencies above the adjustable cut-off frequency to ground. It is essentially an energy storage device. We have a selection of the highest quality capacitors, serving both single coil and humbucker style pickups. If you have a “low end” guitar, any of our capacitors will make a noticeable difference in its overall tone.

There is a lot written about capacitors and frankly most of it is myth. It's not so much the material the capacitor is made from or what dielectric it uses but more the way in which it is wired into the circuit of your guitar. Many capacitors differ wildly from their stated values so tight tolerances also play a big part in guitar electronics. Orange drops in particular are a great, low cost upgrade to many imported models and are the capacitor of choice for players and guitar techs worldwide.