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About Us

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Six String Supplies is your guitar electronics online retailer – we only provide the highest quality electronic components so whether you are looking for that spare pot, pickup upgrade, change in capacitor value or complete guitar wiring kits you can be assured that you are working with the best. We only stock the finest components available on the market and have earned a reputation of only selling quality products. Your guitar deserves the best. Our small but dedicated team are all guitarists and have gathered a wealth of knowledge over the years. Our mission is to save you money and teach aspiring guitar builders, DIY'ers and guitarists how to make the most of your guitar.

Our guitar wiring kits consist of some of the best components and are a great way to upgrade that imported model or are perfect if you are looking to re-wire your guitar. The kits include components from reputable manufacturers such as CTS, Switchcraft, CRL and Oak Grigsby amongst others. All of our parts are of European or US origin. We wont supply you with parts from anywhere else.

Our prewired harnesses are all hand wired and tested right here in the UK and are a great and easy way to upgrade the stock electronics in many guitars. We also do custom harnesses for luthiers and guitar builders - if you require a custom harness, simply get in touch via the contact form or via email.

Our website actually started out as a library with the aim of teaching amateur DIY guitar and partscaster enthusiasts different wiring setups and possibilities with electric guitars. We have a selection of easy to read guitar wiring diagrams ranging from the classic to the exotic for our wiring kits, as well as detailed wiring instructions to using our products. Our Youtube channel covers detailed video wiring guides.

We have a couple of partners.

We are a UK distributor of Towner Vibrato Systems by Towner USA, notably the Towner Down Tension System and Hinge Plate Adaptor. The one of a kind system providing the ability to manage your guitar strings sustain with a BIGSBY vibrato tailpiece installation.

We are also a stockist of the Iron Age Accessories LED Killswitch, a guitar kill-switch works by momentarily cutting power to your pickups while pressed, and re-applying power when released creating a stuttering effect.

We are also a stockist of House of Tone Pickups - high end boutique pickups hand wound right here in the UK.

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