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Six String Supplies — Les Paul® Wiring Harness

Les Paul® Wiring Harness


A prewired harness to suit Les Paul® style guitars.

This Les Paul® harness will simply drop into your guitar's control cavity.

Using period correct vintage "buss" wire (tinned copper), this prewired Les Paul® kit is wired in the popular 50's style - ie. how they were wired during the golden age of guitar building.

Prewired Les Paul® kit;
- CTS 500k pots (choose long or short shaft)
- 0.022uF PIO (paper in oil) capacitors
- Tinned copper "buss" ground wire.

What is so great about 50's style wiring?
In the 50's style setup. the pickup is attached alone to the input lug of the volume pot (compared to the modern setup, the pickup and capacitor are connected to this lug) What is the difference?
The modern setup will maintain the overall volume better when you roll it back but at the cost of losing the high end frequencies. On the other hand, the 50s wiring setup keeps the amount of treble the same but drops a bit in volume as soon as you roll down the tone pot. It is down to personal preference, your guitar and your style of playing.

Will this fit my guitar?
This Les Paul® wiring harness will fit genuine Gibson® and Epiphone® USA models. The pot shaft diameter is 9.52mm. It can fit the vast majority of imported Les Paul® copies but it is likely you will be required to drill the tone and volume control holes through the body to a larger diameter (M10) to allow for the larger US made CTS pots.

Do I need short or long shaft pots?
Long shaft pots are used for guitars with thick bodies or arched/curved tops where a short shaft pot isn't long enough to go through. Regardless, our long shaft pots come with 2 hex nuts to allow you to easily adjust the height.

Short shaft pots are suited for flat top guitars or Epiphone® Les Pauls.

If you are re wiring your guitar or looking to upgrade stock electronics in a far eastern model or DIY guitar kit, this Les Paul® wiring harness with a prewired toggle switch will go a long way to improving the performance and tone of your guitar (not including your choice of pickups and playing skills of course!)

For full installation instructions - how to wire a Les Paul®


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