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Six String Supplies — Phonebook Capacitor ZNW1P1

Phonebook Capacitor ZNW1P1

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A beautifully handcrafted repro of the famous Cornell-Dublier wax-paper "phonebook" 0.1uF capacitor used in Fender guitars during the 1950's.

Note - the higher the capacitance value, the darker the tone. The 0.1uf is dark compared to modern guitars but sounds fantastic on the Stratocaster.

The 0.1uf capacitors are marked ZNW1P1

The lead wires are tinned copper approximately 2" in length.

These caps are great sounding, reliable and look the real deal. Each capacitor is tested and the results are included in the packaging.

If you are looking to replicate the lost tones of the 1950's without paying through the roof for authentic C.D caps (if you can find any) then look no further than the 0.1uf phonebook capacitor.

Constructed using 100% beeswax.

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days