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Six String Supplies — CTS Push Pull Pot 250/500k

CTS Push Pull Pot 250/500k


CTS pots are of the highest quality and have long been the "go-to" pots for luthiers, guitar tech's and players worldwide. They are also the first choice for many high end US guitars, notably Fender and Gibson.

250k pots are commonly used with single coil pickups whereas 500k are often used with humbuckers.

Push pull pots with a double-pole double throw switch (DPDT) give many wiring possibilities.

This is yet another powerful tool to the guitar builder or tech. Two electrically independent components are controlled by a single knob shaft.

This push pull pot is great for Telecaster series wiring or adding more tonal options to your Strat. eg. using a push pull as a volume control to open up the 7 way wiring option.

Humbuckers can easily be coil split.


Shaft diameter - 0.235'' (5.95mm)
Shaft height - 3/8'' (9.52mm)
Thread - 3/8'' x 32
Thread height - 3/8'' (9.52mm)
Required hole diameter - 3/8'' (9.52mm)
Cavity depth - 1'' (25.4mm)

These high quality pots feature a printed circuit board on its side for easier soldering.


  • 250k 7 in-stock
  • 500k 4 in-stock

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