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Six String Supplies — CTS 500k Split Shaft Pot

CTS 500k Split Shaft Pot

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CTS – The name says it all. CTS are the manufacturer of choice in guitar electronics. These pots include a flat washer, locking washer, and 1 hex nut.

CTS 500k audio split shaft pot. This pot is universal and so can be used for either volume or tone controls with humbuckers. The split shaft is ideal for push-fit knobs as seen on many popular guitars.

With a tolerance of 10% and its smooth, easy action it is easy to see why CTS are the pot of choice for countless luthiers, guitar techs and guitarists worldwide.

CTS pots have a nice slow moving shaft unlike many competitors who's pot shafts are already lose and feel used before using.


Ohms-Taper: 500K-Audio
Tolerance: +10/-10%
Shaft type: Split knurled shaft
Spline height: 3/8"
Pot diameter: 15/16"
Threaded shaft length: 3/8"
Threaded Shaft Diameter: 3/8"
Thread pitch: 3/8-32 NEF

Note this is the short shaft CTS pot and will fit flat topped guitars (SG for example) If you have an arched or carved top guitar (Les Paul) then you will require the long shaft CTS pot to go through the body.

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