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Six String Supplies — CTS 250k Split Shaft Pot

CTS 250k Split Shaft Pot


CTS are the premier choice for luthiers and guitar techs throughout the guitar industry.

CTS 250K pots are ideal for volume and tone controls with singlecoil pickups. The split shaft is suitable for push-fit knobs.

CTS audio taper pots are universal and can be used for both volume and tone controls.

Pot comes complete with mounting nut and washers.


Ohms-Taper: 250K-Audio
Tolerance: +10/-10%
Shaft type: Split knurled shaft
Spline height: 3/8"
Pot diameter: 15/16"
Threaded shaft length: 3/8"
Threaded Shaft Diameter: 3/8"
Thread pitch: 3/8-32 NEF


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