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Six String Supplies — CTS 250k Solid Shaft Pot

CTS 250k Solid Shaft Pot


CTS are the premier name in guitar circuit control whose pots are found in high end guitars all over the world.

This solid shaft version is generally used in Telecaster style guitars whilst the solid shaft is used with screw fit control knobs.

CTS pots are universal and so can be used for either the volume or tone control.

Each pot comes with a flat washer, locking washer, and two mounting nuts for height adjustment on a pickguard, control plate or through the body.

Pot comes complete with nut and washers.

Specs & Dimensions:

Ohms-Taper: 250K-Audio
Tolerance: 10%
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Spline height: 3/8"
Pot diameter: 15/16"
Threaded shaft length: 3/8"
Threaded Shaft Diameter: 3/8"


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